Calendar of Activities 2023-24


Event Month
Literary theme park activity Apr
Make mini book for mother's dY May
Make portrait of parents activity Jul
Character silhouette activity Aug
Buzz session activity Sep
Rangoli making activity Oct
Hindi elocution activity Nov
Spread the festive cheer activity Dec
Making republic day poster in six steps activity Jan


Event Month
Ice cube painting Apr
Collecting memories of mom activity May
Family coloring pages activity Jul
Pet rock painting Aug
Improvisational story telling activity Sep
Candle decoration decoration activity Oct
Hindi slogan recitation activity Nov
Snow flakes making activity Dec
Make indian flag with fingers painting Jan


Event Month
Concept mapping activity Apr
Prepare a bulletin board for mother's day May
Make a memory scrapbook for parents Jul
Paper quiling activity Aug
Modern art painting Sep
Diya & thali decoration activity Oct
Hindi essay writing activity Nov
Wreath making activity Dec
Tri colur writ band making activity Jan