Chairman's Message

“Be like the sun as it shines on serenely even though not all the stars reflect back its light and even though some of its brilliance seems to emanate only into empty space”

The purpose of education is not only limited to the book but can be as exhaustive as the teacher would like to make it. It can cover all the realms of life. Education must not only teach a student how to make a living but also how to live. Value such as faithfulness, compassion and respect seem to be getting lost in this fast moving age when being aggressive and clear are considered to be plus points. The challenge of an educational institution is to develop a value system in the student s well. Our aim is not only to develop the student academically and professionally but also culturally,socially and even spiritually .Exposing students to wide variety of activities is done by every educational institution, but trying to instill in them a value system is definitely a challenging process in this day and age.The mission of Vidyaa World school is to develop in students n identity of their own –an identity full of character.(An expression of the developing identity can be seen and felt at Vidyaa World school). I would like to congratulate all the staff and students and their parents. Our expectations for the future are even higher than the past year. The efforts have to be continuous and unending on both sides with the objective of making Vidyaa World school an institution where there are not only understanding teachers and students but also responsible and exemplary parents.

Raj Kumar Agarwal


First Mayor of Bareilly