Middle section Coordinator Message


How to cope up with failures? Has a seed sown in earth ever not found its way? Don’t seasons teach us to let go and welcome the new again? Sitting on a balcony on a restful Sunday this is what my mind spoke. Well I have never believed in the word “failure” . Where are only lessons living in an age lift with competition it is very important to pause and introspect. We teach our children to complete, win and make themselves the best.

Parenting and teaching are two sides of the same coin. If we as mother are the first teacher to our children, we as teachers are definitely parents to children at school. I teach my children to make the right choice, win with themselves and make best of every opportunity that comes by.

As always, it begins at home, a dish went wrong on a certain day must be accepted, a drawing made awry must have given another chance, a sentence said or written wrong must be given time for correction. This practice will help us and our children accept understand and rectify “failure”.

Instead of giving children advice and suggestion which could cause indigestion it would be good to empathize with them for a change. Empathy worked as an antidote making them realise the failures and lessons that could win you half the battle.

Good food, good company and good music makes a good combination to get ours unpleasant episodes and above all the realization that “nothing last forever”! Even an hour has only 60 minutes.

As teacher and parent creating a positive environment is a must.



Middle section Coordinator